Updates and the art of moving house

Apologies for the lack of news about what I’ve been getting up to, but to be honest I’ve been far too busy getting up to it! The last couple of weeks have been entirely taken up with working, making preparations for leaving, catching up with people before I do, sleeping, or indeed trying and failing to sleep (yay, insomnia).

Anyway, a quick update on progress…

I’ve kind of got into a routine for moving house, what with having done it so much, and the first step is always to find an area that can be easily cleared, leaving a staging area to assemble the packed stuff. By the time it’s full, other areas will have been packed, making room for more staging space.

This time, however, things are slightly different – because almost everything needs to fit into a tiny storage unit. The one I’ve (somewhat optimistically) booked measures about 3′ by 4′ by 8′ (which so happens, for the geeks out there, to be approximately e m3!); for comparison, that’s probably less than the volume of the average floor-to-ceiling toilet cubicle.

Well, I did say I was serious about getting rid of my stuff, didn’t I? :-)

So the staging area this time is demarcated by a tape measure extended to a length of 8ft and placed 4ft from the wall, with a piece of Blu-Tack stuck to said wall telling me how high 3ft is.

And I’m happy to report that it now contains well over half the stuff that will eventually be going into storage – including all my flat-packed furniture – and it looks like there’s enough room left over for the remainder. So that’s promising…

Less promising is the suitcase I’m planning on taking. A few days ago I made a pile of clothes that I figured I’d take with me, looked at it and thought “yeah, that seems about right”. Wrong. Tonight I got the suitcase down, and only just about managed to get the clothes into it with no room left over. Gonna have to do a bit of rethinking there, then!


The getting-rid-of-stuff part of the plan has been continuing apace. The giant sprawling pile of crap to be given away on Freecycle has now dwindled to a tiny one, all of which is due to be collected tomorrow. My beloved IKEA corner desk – too unwieldy to fit in my car and not worth nearly enough to bother renting a van for – has been successfully sold on eBay and will be collected tomorrow evening.

So as long I can squeeze in a quick charity-shop run tomorrow afternoon, then by the end of the day, everything left over is either going to be stored, brought or binned!

Cutting the strings

I’ve also been making progress with the non-material aspects of the plan. Aside from a mobile phone contract, every single one of my monthly payments has now been cancelled, which is a fantastic feeling: I haven’t been this free of financial commitments in 12 years.

Every entry deleted from my payments calendar (yes, I have one) – plus of course every item that’s left the flat never to return – has felt like a little extra weight lifted. A few days ago I was talking to a like-minded chap who’s been through a similar process, and he described it as like “cutting the strings” that tie you down.

So: three days and very few remaining strings to go…

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