Stage three (wait, what happened to two?)

Sorry guys – high time for an update, isn’t it?

Okay.  So my first month of living as a nomad had a pre-arranged itinerary, planned well in advance.  The week in London, Christmas in Cumbria and New Year in Hamburg were all part of that.

Now I’m afraid this part might sound a bit boring, but the final two weeks of that itinerary were spent back in Manchester. Yeah, I know – doesn’t sound very nomadic, right? But I’d promised when leaving the old job that I’d return for two weeks in January, to help with with handover and stuff. Plus it really was more fun than it sounds… sure, work-wise I was back in the old routine, but at least outside of work things still felt refreshingly different. I was staying with a friend (who also works for the same company) in his tenth-floor flat just outside the city centre, and crucially I was still living out of a suitcase!  Plus of course my storage unit is in Manchester, so I got to fine-tune my selection of travelling possessions.

Anyway, I’m not really counting stages, but I guess I must be well into “stage three” by now, because a couple of weeks ago I ran out of concrete plans…

So I decided to come back to London. Partly because I love this place[0], but mostly because a few friends happened to be converging here for a variety of different reasons, and I had a couple of spare weeks in my schedule.

Of course, everything happened in typical last-minute fashion. It wasn’t until late on the Saturday afternoon that I even started looking for accommodation, and by the Sunday evening I’d booked somewhere on Airbnb, arrived, dumped my stuff, and made it into the centre of town to watch the NFC Championship Game in a casino full of overexcited Americans (my team won, incidentally).

Now it’s two weeks later, I’m on the move again, and things are even more last-minute than before. I intend to be in Carmarthen tomorrow evening to watch the fantastic Steve Eaves play a gig there (which isn’t quite as random as it sounds – I have a reason to be in Aberystwyth the following day, and Carmarthen is sort-of on the way there from London). But I’ve so far got nowhere booked to stay tomorrow.

Which, to be honest, I think is kinda fun.

Anyway, better get to sleep, because in the morning[1] I’ve got some accommodation to arrange, and then the full 192-mile length of the M4 motorway to drive…

[0] I love huge cities. The bigger, more frenetic and more cosmpolitan, the better. This is something I foresee a post about in the near future, for reasons that will also probably be revealed in the near future.

[1] By which I of course mean “first thing in the afternoon“.

3 thoughts on “Stage three (wait, what happened to two?)

  1. Ydi Blodau Gwylltion yn cefnogi Steve Eaves y noson honno? Os felly, dwed helo wrth Manon oddi wrth Catrin a fi…:-)

      • Newydd ddarganfod hwn drwy glicio ar flog SSIW (tra dwi fod yn gwneud rhywbeth amgenach – llenwi ffurflen gais) ac mae’n swnio fel ffordd wych o fyw. Wedi symud 2/3 gwaith yn y 12 mis diwethaf ac mae’n hollol wallgof faint o stwff sydd gennym, a bydd ond yn cynyddu gan bod dwy ferch fach gennym rwan.

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