Well, I did say I liked cities…

When I started this experiment back in November, I knew that I wouldn’t be leaving the UK for at least 3 months, because I had two events (both in Wales) that I wanted to attend in February.  Some time after setting off, two became three, as my ever-generous new employer invited me to stay with him and his family for a few days on the beautiful Pen Llŷn so we could discuss business and stuff and get some work done.

(This was all very well, as far as plans go.  Unfortunately, the weather had its own plans, and while we definitely did manage plenty of discussion, the actual work part of the bargain was somewhat restricted, on account of the house being without power for well over two days.) Continue reading

Where only a select few know your name

I’m an urbanite at heart. I’m not originally “from” a city background, having done my early growing-up in a small town right on the doorstep of the Lakes, but I spent most of the latter part of my childhood in Manchester, and have been shuttling back and forth between city and countryside ever since. As such, I’ve had roughly equal experience of both environments, and cities have always been where I prefer to be.

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