Well, I did say I liked cities…

When I started this experiment back in November, I knew that I wouldn’t be leaving the UK for at least 3 months, because I had two events (both in Wales) that I wanted to attend in February.  Some time after setting off, two became three, as my ever-generous new employer invited me to stay with him and his family for a few days on the beautiful Pen Llŷn so we could discuss business and stuff and get some work done.

(This was all very well, as far as plans go.  Unfortunately, the weather had its own plans, and while we definitely did manage plenty of discussion, the actual work part of the bargain was somewhat restricted, on account of the house being without power for well over two days.)

The route that me, my car and my luggage have taken since January 2nd.

The route that me, my car and my luggage have taken since January 2nd.

Anyway, the third Wales-based event of the three took place this weekend just gone.  Which means that, after having spent the first seven weeks of 2014 gradually making a lazy, almost-1000-mile figure of eight around England and Wales, I’m now 100% free of locational commitments until August.

Or rather… I would be…

…were it not for the fact that I’m currently in possession of a one-way ticket to New York City, leaving this Saturday.

So that’s a bit exciting, then!

Accommodation is booked for the first week so far.  That might not sound like much manoeuvring room, but to be honest, this is the most in-advance any of my accommodation has been for the past 32 days (including four occasions when I booked only a couple of hours in advance!) and everything has been both stress-free and within-budget so far.

(I’d just like to take a moment to point out how pleased that last sentence makes me.)

Stuff I still need to sort out between now and Saturday includes:

  • working out what on Earth I’m going to do with my car while away,
  • making sure my suitcase weighs 23kg or less,
  • picking up a supply of spare contact lenses and their associated paraphernalia, and
  • getting my phone unlocked.

Speaking of which, I’d really appreciate it if anyone has first-hand experience with, or could give advice on, pre-paid SIM-only deals suitable for medium-term visitors to the USA who are heavy on data usage, light on texts and need a micro SIM to fit an iPhone 4.

Oh, and while I’m at it, one moon.  On a stick.  Cheers, guys.

One thought on “Well, I did say I liked cities…

  1. Lle wyt ti isio i ni anfon y lleuad? ;-)

    Falch iawn bod pob dim yn mynd mor dda. Mwynha dy hun! A brysia nôl, meddai Angharad…:-)

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